About Us

Name of the school: The name of the school is Oriental High School

Motto: The motto of the school is "Omnia Vincit Amor" which means "Love Conquers All"

Location: The school building is sitated in mission compound at heart of Silchar town in Church Road, Silchar-788004 which is about 180 kms from Aizawl and 324 kms from Guwahati.

Establishment: The school foundation stone was laid by Rev. T. W. Reese on 10th May 1939. The administration of the school taken over by the Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod Mission Board looks after the school through the Barak Area Committee.

Recognition and Affiliation: The school is fully recognised by the Education Department of Assam from K.G. to CLass X. Subsequently the school is full affiliated to the Assam Board of Secondary Education (SEBA). Since 2000 A.D.

Class: The school has twelve different classes: i.e. K.G-1 to class-X.

Programmes of studies: The school follows the Academic programmes of studies under the Board of Secondary Education of Assam (SEBA). It offers studies in different languages viz. Bengali, Hindi, Manipuri and Mizo. It also offers elective subjects on Advance maths, Computers and Geography. As for language subject to the availability of Teachers from outside. The school offers studies in modern Information Technology by introducing Computers subjects.

Aims and Objects: The school aims at imparting sound and creative education by inculcating in the minds of the pupils, knowledge, wide outlooks, habits of piety, discipline and self reliance so as to transform them into well-balanced men and women as well as good and productive citizens. We believe that the above aims and objectives can be achieved only though moral build up and fear of God.


  • The time for Renewal Students is fixed from time to time. Renewal Students can be admitted on production of School Evaluation Record Cards at the counter during the time fixed for this.
  • Renewal Students must have complete sets of school uniforms and text books before the Academic session starts.
  • They should reserve the seats in case they cannot take admission during the time fixed for the admission. Otherwise seats may be given to other deserving candidates.


  • Fresh students can be admitted subject to availability of seats in the school.
  • Admission seeking students may admission Form collect the time date fixed for the entrance test from the school notice board.
  • Admission Forms are available in the office on payment. The Admission Forms should be duly filled in and submitted to the school office.
  • The following documents should accompany the Admission Form:
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Mark sheets of the previous class.
  • The candidate should write the Admission Test. Questions are set on Mathematics and English Grammar used in different classes here in this school.
  • Selection is done strictly on merit basis irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  • At the time of Admission, selected students must pay all the fees at a time.
  • Selected students should submit Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by a competent Officer of the Education Department.
  • Fresh students are expected to have complete sets of school uniform and textbooks before the commencement of the Academic Session. If they fail to have the uniforms, they should have the full uniform within two weeks.


  • Tuition fee cover twelve Calender months. It may be paid in advance.
  • Tuition fees cannot be cut for Holidays and Vacations.
  • Payment of monthly tuition fees is due by 15th of every month. A fine of Rs.2/- per day will be charged for late payment till the tuition fees is paid. In case a student fails to pay monthly tuition fees for three consecutive months without giving any information to the schoolauthority his/her name will be struck off from the Roll. However, readmission can be granted only on request as fresh student.
  • Monthly tuition fees may be changed with or without prior notice to the parents in due time.
  • Fee once paid cannot be refunded.
  • Monthly tuition fees is paid in cash at the Payment Counter Fees.
  • Parents Guardians are requested to keep the receipt issued to them and produce them in proof payment if and when occasion demand.


  • 75% attendance out of the total working days is a must for all the students to sit in the examinations. A student whose attendance falls bellow 75% of the working days is not allowed to sit in the examination.
  • Admit Card system is practiced for the examinations. Admit cards are issued to the students only on clearance of fees fines etc. upto date.
  • For KG-1 to Class-VII there are three Terminal Examinations Marks in the three Terminal Examinations are taken into account to determine the Final Result for promotion to the next higher classes.
  • In Class-VIII to Class-X, there are four Unit Test and Half yearly Examination 20% of the mark in the four Unit Test 30% of the marks in the first Half Yearly examination and 50% of the marks in the Annual examination (Second Half Yearly) are taken together to determine the final result for promotion to next higher classes.
  • Pass mark is 40% in all subject. Students who secure the pass marks above in all subjects are awarded position in the Result. Simple Pass is awarded to the student who fails in two subjects but secure 40% or more in aggregate in any tests or examination. However, a student who fails in three subjects is declared to have failed even if his/her mark is above 40% or more in aggregate.
  • In case a student cannot appear in any of the of the examination on medical ground and on the death of parents, brother or sister the marks secured by the students in the other examinations will be taken into consideration fort the promotion higher classes. A valid document should be produced to theses effects.
  • Final Result are determined in the Staff Council. Hence the results are final and binding. No, request for reconsideration of the Results will be entertained after the Result are declared.
  • The Evaluation Record Cards are issued on clearance of School Tuition fees and fines etc. up-to-date.
  • Students who fail three consecutive years in the same class are not allowed to continue in the same class.
  • The school Evaluation Record Cards should be checked and signed by the Parents or Guardians and returned to the school within seven days. In case of loss or damage a duplicate copy may be issue from the office to the student on payment of Rs.40/-. However, Parents and Guardians may keep it after Promotion Examination for future reference.
  • Division are awarded as follows: 80% & above - Distinction, 60% to 79% - First Division, 50% to 59% - Second Division, 40% to 49% - Third Division


  • Students are responsible to safeguard their own properties in the school. They should mark their properties by writing their names, Roll nos. and Classes. School cannot take responsibility for loss of any property belonging to the students. The staff will render all possible help in recovering the lost properties.
  • Students should reach the school on time. Late comers are not allowed to enter the School.
  • They should bring their text books, pens, pencils and scales etc. whichever is necessary for their studies in the school.
  • They should come to school in full School uniforms. They should keep their uniform and body neat and clean.
  • No exemption can be made for negligence of school uniforms. When any item of school uniforms is damaged parents should rectify the damage.
  • They should bring the school bring school diary and Hymn book everyday.
  • Speaking in English in the School Campus is compulsory. Students who violate this rule shall be dealt with seriously.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear any ornaments gold or silver in the School. However simple ear ring is allowed.
  • They should pay due respect to the teacher, elders etc. whenever they meet with them inside and outside the school campus.
  • Boys are not allowed to keep long hairs.
  • Ornaments found with boys or girls will be seized and kept in the school till session is over.
  • Applying cosmetic, nail polish, hair fixer, etc. is not allowed for all the students.
  • Any damaged cause to the school property through negligence, disobedience or carelessness must be made good by the pupils concerned. Pupils should handle the school properties carefully.
  • Students should not throw the waste papers here and there all the waste papers, polythene bags etc. They must keep all the unwanted coverings and papers in the dustbins kept in the school verandahs.
  • They should bring their tiffin and take them outside the classroom during the tiffin break. They should throw the coverings, papers or polythene into the dustbins.
  • Parents, guardians or any other person are not allowed to supply the tiffin from outside.
  • Students are prohibited to take any intoxicants, drugs etc. powder or liquid inside and outside the school.
  • Smoking and Chewing tobacco is prohibited.
  • Use of Cell phone/walkman etc. is strictly prohibited during school hours.


  • All the students are required to be obedient and respectful to the teachers, dutiful and honest to their studies and to be kind and helpful to their fellow students.
  • In case a student breaks the school rules and regulations, the school authority will try to correct the student. If and when the school authority fails to correct the student through proper counseling and warning his/her parents/guardians will be informed to discuss the matter with the school authority. If the student cannot be corrected after taking all these steps, the student will be given transfer certificate.
  • The School reserves the right to decline admission to any student whose character is likely to disturb the staff and the students.
  • Breaking of the examination rules viz, copying, passing the answer script to their friends, disturbing others will lead to seizure and cancellation of their answer papers.
  • No exemption is made for uniform defaulters through negligence. The defaulters will be given due warning. If the pupil fails to comply with the warning suspension from class will follow.
  • The staff council reserves the right to issue Transfer Certificate to students whose characters or behaviors are found to be harmful to other students. At the end of every academic session, the staff council will discuss all matter relating to the overall performances and characters of the particular students and take decision on the matter.


  • Morning Devotion is held before regular classes start every morning.
  • Morning Devotion is compulsory for all students.
  • Students must bring Hymn Book and the Bible inside the Devotional Hall.


  • Annual sports is held every at the beginning of the academic session.
  • All students arte expected to take part in the Annual Sports.
  • Attendance during the Annual Sport is compulsory. No leave of absence can be granted except on medical ground. Absentees will be charged a fine of Rs.5/- per day during the Annual Sports.


  • Leave of absence can be granted only on Medical ground and on unavoidable circumstances certified by the Parents/Guardians. Class teachers can grant ‘two days’ leaves in the Prospectus.
  • In case of marriages and family pujas prior permission should be taken from the school authority in writing. Leave of absence can be granted for the actual dates only.
  • Leave of absence on medical ground for more than two days can be granted only by the Head of the Institution only when the application is accompanied by a medical treatment prescription slip or if any of the staff in this school certifies to this effect.
  • Leave on other unfore-seen matters can be granted only when parents, guardians or any of the staff of this school certify to this effect. Application on this ground should be submitted on the first day the student comes to school.
  • Students suffering from infection diseases should not attend the classes. They should come to school after full recovery from the diseases.
  • Students who are absent for fifteen consecutive working days or more without giving notice to the Head of the institution are liable to be taken as withdrawn. Readmission may be taken on request as fresh students.


  • When parents/guardians like to withdraw their wards, they should give information in writing to the Head of the Institution for issue of Transfer Certificate and other necessary documents.
  • Transfer certificates can be issued only on payment, after clearing tuitions fees, fine etc. up-to-date.
  • Head of the institution may ask parents/guardians to withdraw their wards if and when their wards are found to be beyond control and their characters prove to be harmful to other students.


  • Book on different subjects are kept in the library for the pupils with a view to enhance their knowledge and outlook and to enable them to have better understanding about their surroundings and the development taking place in India and abroad in different fields.
  • Library is open to all students during school hours at the fixed time.
  • They can borrow only one at a time.
  • They can keep the book for seven days and return the same at the end of the period.
  • A fine of Rs.1/- per day will be charged if they do not return the book in time.
  • In case of loss or damage the pupils should make good for the loss or damage.
  • Books borrowed should not be passed on to others.
  • The pupil should not write anything in the book. They should not tear any page of the book. Otherwise, the books will be taken as spoiled or damaged. Hence, the borrowed shall pay the cost of the book to purchase new ones.
  • Daily newspaper, periodicals cannot be borrowed from the library.
  • Permission should be sought from the librarian before taking out the books from the book shelves.
  • Students may read newspaper periodicals and other books only inside the library.
  • Students should not make noise while entering and reading books inside the library.
  • The pupils should not tear any page of the spoiled or damaged. Book to purchase new.


  • Shirt: Terry cotton white shirt, half sleeves with one pocket on the left side for boys and girls.
  • Pant: deep green colour short with two side pockets and one back pocket with six belt holders from KG-1 to Class-III.
  • Deep green colour long pant with two sides pockets and one back pocket six belt holders not too tight or too loose for class-IV upwards.
  • Skirt (for girls): deep green colour (chack) of knee length with 1 inch or 2.5cm pleates/folds each facing same direction with 6 belt holders. There should be a front tunic (u-shape) with strap attached cross over at the back for girls from class KG-1 to class-III.
  • T-shirts: to be won with short pant/white long pant/ white skirt on every Wednesday, Friday and during sports week (to be purchased from the recommended shop).
  • Belt: specific designed belts (boys and girls for all classes) prescribed by the school to be purchased from the school /recommended shop.
  • Shoes: black naughty shoes for boys and black liliput for girls.
  • Socks: specified designed prescribed from the school for all to be purchased from school/recommended shop.
  • Sweater: Specified designed prescribed from the school for all to be purchased from school/recommended shop for winter season.
  • Neckties: to be supplied by the school/recommended shop.